Cities in Sync

CiS is a collaboration between the three vibrant cities of St John’s, Saskatoon, and Victoria to launch a brand new initiative to our valued clients! We are working together to provide planners with an efficient tool to book their meetings in rotation from east — central — west with ease while receiving added value and benefits. One request for proposal is presented to either of the destination representatives and a three year proposal will be returned to the planner. Together, we offer professional services and dynamic teams that work together to help you achieve your meeting objectives with success!

A three-year incentive will be offered by all the three destinations.
Call a representative to discuss incentive opportunities for your group!

CITIESinSYNC is such a great idea for those of us who are working with clients who meet across our beautiful country…and what better destinations to collaborate than those who are known for their warmth, hospitality and amazing cities! I’m already busy thinking of those clients who may benefit from this inventive strategy and I know we will take advantage of this opportunity as early as it presents itself! Wishing all three destinations great success with this unique offering!”
-Tracy Taylor, Taylor & Associates